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About the brand…


article:® is a unique, accessible brand creating ‘limited edition’ and ‘signature classic’ capsule collections of artsy luxe accessories for discerning individuals. With form + function harmoniously playing together at the forefront of the creative process, each article:® habitually conforms to aesthetics and functionality.

Drawing inspiration from mid-20th century art + architecture and honouring the simplistic geometric shapes such as the circle, square and triangle results in contemporary statement articles with a distinct and inimitable aesthetic. Reciting the classic, minimalist undertones of European sophistication, article:® is handcrafted by skilled artisans to allure and stimulate an emotional connection.

With a desire to excite and inspire, article:® encourages the wearer to embrace their imaginative spirit and customize creatively. Representing maximum versatility, various interchangeable / adjustable straps and charms mix + match with pochettes and bags, allowing the user to become involved in the design process by assembling their own combinations to express their individualism and reflect their unique style and occasion.

Evoking confidence & intrigue and representing creativity, functionality and longevity, article:® is for those who appreciate honest, timeless design, commitment to detail and refuse to compromise on exceptional quality.


About the Product - What makes article: unique?


We solve problems

Before the design process began, I thought about all the things that needed to be addressed – the things that many other brands are seemingly ignoring. article:® needed to be truly unique - like nothing else out there. It also had to adhere to practicality, adaptability, versatility and longevity to give value to our customers.

We are practical

Having always admired the impeccable craftsmanship and sophistication of the classic French/Italian luxury brands, one thing that frustrates me is the apparent lack of practicality with some of these handbag designs. They simply don’t have enough pockets & compartments! I need to easily locate my phone, my keys, my glasses, even my pen – rather than fumble around aimlessly in search of them when I reach into the depths of my bag, multiple times a day!

We are adaptable, versatile & value longevity

I’m someone who likes variety/change. I get bored with using the same bag all the time so it was important to create a product that was interchangeable and adaptable to my needs. What if you could adapt your clutches/bags by adding wristlets, shoulder straps, adjustable crossbody straps and charms to reflect your individuality, outfit and occasion? I wanted to offer customisation in a creative way, which also addressed adaptability and represented maximum versatility – there’s value in that.

We are truly unique

There are many homogenous brands out there that essentially produce similar versions of the same thing. article:® is not another replica brand rehashing what has been done before. Hardware (the metal components on a bag) is often an integral part of the design yet the hardware used on many genuine leather bags (apart from the high end luxury brands that sell for anywhere between $4000 to tens of thousands), are all very similar in colour (gold, rose gold, silver, gunmetal) and extremely “standard” in shape.

The details are not the details; they make the product,” wrote American Architect and Furniture Designers, Charles and Ray Eames.  How true. It is no surprise that my design process started with creating hardware moulds to ensure that our hardware would involve unique shapes. Our signature matte black finish complements anything you’re wearing, regardless of your preference for silver or gold.


About the Founder | Creative Director


Creating constitutes visual artist Elizabeth O’Connor-Cowley’s existence. Throughout her childhood, Libby was immersed in drawing, colouring-in, painting, cutting + sticking and making things in general.  Nothing much has changed.  Since graduating from QUT with a Bachelor of Arts – Visual Arts, Libby's entrepreneurial characteristics and passion for all things creative lead her to forge an extensive and rewarding career spaning the arts, commercial interiors and fashion industries.  Initially working in an art gallery as an architectural rep, she then moved across into commercial interiors where she spent the next eight years, primarily as Asia Pacific Marketing Manager for renowned German firm, Wilkhahn.

Since becoming a mother in 2001, O’Connor-Cowley was the Founder | Creative Director of notable children’s lifestyle brands eeni meeni miini moh + e3-M and for the next 17 years, babies/children became an instant adoration and constant source of inspiration for her in creating this esteemed brand. With a loyal following that appreciated innovative product in a unique colour palette, eeni meeni miini moh/e3-M was recognised as a leading Australian children’s brand unmatched for its inherent design language and stocked in 200+ selected boutiques.

By 2018 (and with her boys well into their teenage years), Libby was in search of a new creative challenge. Having always admired the impeccable craftsmanship and sophistication of the classic French/Italian luxury brands and possessing an appetite for accessories, it was only natural that she combine this zest with her innate creative spirit and love for making art, and develop her own accessories brand.

Blurring the line between art and fashion (artwear), article:® echoes O’Connor-Cowley’s DNA & attention to detail and provides a creative platform to express herself across a variety of mediums in a form that can be shared. With an artsy luxe aesthetic, article:® products are defined by Libby’s signature design language, distinct colour palette and adoption of juxtaposing materials / custom-developed leathers. Her passion for art, architecture, interiors and graphic design is evident in every unique article.

Elizabeth lives and works in Brisbane, Australia with her husband Philip and two sons and travels extensively for inspiration. She enjoys working in a variety of creative disciplines including drawing/painting/sculpture and making art in general (her instinctive passion) along with designing statement accessories to empower the wearer.


“Colour is my absolute obsession.  I love creating atypical colour combinations and exploring the relationship between hues and tonal shifts”.



Elizabeth O’Connor-Cowley

B.A. Vis Arts




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